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Vehicle being Dismantled (for spares) Details
Vehicle Information
 Model  1400 CHAMP
 Odometer  0
 Colour  WHITE
 M&M Code  47017550
 Status  -
Contact Information
 Contact CONRAD
 Tel No. 0118920222
 Street Address c/o 8TH STREET/TRICHARDT

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CodePartPriceQtyOEMBin No.Select
14001720078ALTERNATORR 650.001NS001
13100120078CABLE - CLUTCHR 50.001NS001
13101620078CLUTCH KITR 450.001NS001
14003320078DISTRIBUTORR 450.001NS001
15004620078ENGINE - BASICR 4,500.001NS001
15006620078FLYWHEELR 650.001NS001
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