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Vehicle being Dismantled (for spares) Details
Vehicle Information
 Model  1400 CHAMP
 Year  96
 Gearbox  5SP
 Odometer  0
 Colour  WHITE
 M&M Code  47017550
 Status  -
Contact Information
 Contact JOHAN
 Tel No. 0135915071
 Street Address 1 AIR STREET

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CodePartPriceQtyOEMBin No.Select
17000720020ASH TRAYR 50.001S20021
12110920020BONNET HINGES X 2R 70.002S20021
13000920020BRAKE BOOSTERR 650.001S20021
13001520020BRAKE CALIPER LFR 800.001S20021
13001720020BRAKE CALIPER RFR 800.001S20021
13002120020BRAKE DISCS LFR 550.001S20021
13002220020BRAKE DISCS RFR 550.001S20021
13002420020BRAKE DRUMS RR 550.002S20021
13002620020BRAKE FLUID RESERVOIRR 250.001S20021
13002820020BRAKE LINE PIPESR 150.002S20021
13003220020BRAKE MASTER CYLINDERR 400.001S20021
13003520020BRAKE PEDAL ASSYR 500.001S20021
16000420020CABLE - ACCELERATORR 150.001S20021
13004020020CABLE - PARK/HAND BRAKER 150.002S20021
12000520020CHECK STRAP - RFR 150.001S20021
17012020020CLIMATE CONTROLR 250.001S20021
13100620020CLUTCH PEDAL ASSYR 500.001S20021
14002620020COILR 350.004S20021
18001520020COIL SPRINGS RFR 300.001S20021
17001820020CONSOLE - GEAR LEVERR 400.001S20021
18001820020CONTROL ARM LOWER - RFR 500.001S20021
12103120020CORNERLAMP RFR 70.001S20021
18002120020CROSS MEMBER FRONTR 800.001S20021
19101220020CROWN WHEEL & PINNIONR 4,500.001S20021
17002520020DASHBOARD COMPLETER 1,500.001S20021
14003320020DISTRIBUTORR 550.001S20021
12001620020DOOR HANDLE LF OUTER1S20021
12001920020DOOR HANDLE RF INNRR 250.001S20021
12002020020DOOR HANDLE RF OUTERR 250.001S20021
12002320020DOOR HINGES LF X 2R 70.002S20021
12002520020DOOR HINGES RF X 2R 70.002S20021
12003120020DOOR LOCK CATCH ASSY LFR 350.001S20021
12003320020DOOR LOCK CATCH ASSY RFR 350.001S20021
12003920020DOOR PANEL LFR 250.001S20021
12004120020DOOR PANEL RFR 250.001S20021
12004320020DOOR SHELL LFR 500.001S20021
12004520020DOOR SHELL RFR 500.001S20021
15004620020ENGINE - BASICR 10,000.001S20021
15005220020ENGINE MOUNTING BRACKETR 450.001S20021
18003320020EXHAUST COMPLETER 1,300.001S20021
11102120020FAN MOTORR 450.001S20021
15006620020FLYWHEELR 800.001S20021
12203120020FUEL CAP RELEASE CABLER 150.001S20021
12203320020FUEL INTAKE BODY LIDR 100.001S20021
16001920020FUEL PUMP - MECHANICALR 250.001S20021
19103320020GEARBOXR 4,000.001S20021
12005120020GLASS - DOOR LFR 500.001S20021
12203620020GLASS - REAR SCREEENR 500.001S20021
17003220020GLOVE COMPARTMENTR 350.001S20021
13004920020HAND BRAKE LEVER ASSYR 500.001S20021
14004620020HAZARD SWITCHR 100.001S20021
12105420020HEADLAMP COMPLETE RSR 5,520.001S20021
11102920020HEATER PIPE (METAL)R 150.001S20021
12106320020HOOTERR 50.001S20021
18003820020HUB & STUB AXLE RFR 1,500.001S20021
18004720020LEAF SPRING LRR 1,000.001S20021
18004820020LEAF SPRING RRR 1,000.001S20021
15008020020MANIFOLD - EXHAUSTR 700.001S20021
12007220020MIRROR OUTER MAN RR 450.001S20021
17005020020MIRROR REARVIEWR 150.001S20021
13101120020PRESSURE PLATER 650.001S20021
19104620020PROPSHAFT - COMPLETER 1,000.001S20021
11104120020RADIATOR HOSE - LOWERR 50.001S20021
12007720020RUBBER - DOORS - LFR 100.001S20021
12007920020RUBBER - DOORS - RFR 100.001S20021
17010620020SEAT - JUMP SEATR 1,200.001S20021
17007620020SEAT BELT F SETR 300.001S20021
18005820020SHOCK ABSORBER RFR 300.001S20021
11001420020SPEAKERSR 50.002S20021
17009520020SPEEDO CLOCK SURROUNDR 550.001S20021
19002320020STEERING COLUMNR 650.001S20021
19003220020STEERING RACKR 1,200.001S20021
19003720020STEERING WHEELR 650.001S20021
17009920020SUN VISOR LR 100.001S20021
17010020020SUN VISOR RR 100.001S20021
12208720020TAILLIGHT COMPLETE LHSR 400.001S20021
12208820020TAILLIGHT COMPLETE RHSR 400.001S20021
11104720020THERMOSTATR 450.001S20021
12208320020TOWBARR 1,500.001S20021
11002320020TYRESR 150.004S20021
11002820020WHEEL NUTSR 20.0016S20021
11003920020WHEEL RIM - ALLOYR 2,000.003S20021
12008720020WINDOW WINDER MECH RFR 350.001S20021
12108720020WIPER ARMR 300.001S20021
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